Karachi Bar Elections 2023-24 Results

Amir Nawaz Waraich


Nasrullah Jalbani

Vice President

Karachi Bar Elections: President and Vice President

The elections, conducted on Saturday, swiftly unveiled the results. Amir Nawaz Waraich emerged victorious as the President of the association, securing a remarkable 2737 votes. Nasrullah Jalbani was elected as the Vice President, garnering strong support with 2257 votes.

Karachi Bar Elections: Secretary Positions

Akhtar Ali Chana clinched the role of General Secretary, earning 1687 votes, while Jahanzeb Murree was chosen as the Joint Secretary, commanding a notable 1893 votes.

Karachi Bar Elections: Other Elected Positions

The dynamic lineup continued as Raheel Samsam, Sheikh Kashif Amjad, and Ayaz Solangi secured significant positions. Raheel Samsam was elected as the Treasurer, Sheikh Kashif Amjad as the Librarian, and Ayaz Solangi emerged as the Managing Committee Chairperson, marking a vibrant and diverse leadership for the association.

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