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The Law is hard, but it is the Law

The Lawyer Attorneys Firm is a general practice firm that has been serving individuals and business for over twenty years. Our personal injury lawyers are dedicated solely to representing people who have experienced the catastrophic injuries.

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Our Expertise Qanoon Group

Discover the breadth and depth of legal services offered by Qanoon Group, ensuring comprehensive support across various areas of law.

Diverse Portfolio

Explore our diverse portfolio of legal services, covering many areas, including family matters, corporate complexities, civil disputes, taxation issues, property transactions, child custody battles, business legalities, and criminal charges.

Skilled Team of Experts

Rely on our team of experts, who are well-equipped to handle various legal matters with precision, integrity, and a deep understanding of the law.

Protection of Rights

Rest assured that your rights will be protected as our team diligently resolves your legal matters efficiently and effectively.

Qanoongroup.com: Legal Expertise

Step into a realm where legal expertise meets unwavering dedication at Qanoongroup.com. Explore various services to ensure legal soundness and personal fulfillment throughout your marital journey.

Comprehensive Services

We offer various services, from comprehensive online marriages to temporary unions, court marriages, online Nikah, Nikah Nama services, and allied consultancy, to meet your diverse needs.

Our Services at Qanoon Group

Explore the array of legal services offered by Qanoon Group, which are tailored to meet your diverse legal needs.

Family Lawyer

Navigate sensitive family-related legal matters with the expertise of our compassionate family lawyers, ensuring the protection of your family's rights and interests.

Corporate Lawyers:

Benefit from strategic advice and steadfast support from our corporate attorneys, who will guide you through complex legal terrains while ensuring strict adherence to legal compliance.

Tax Lawyer

Manage tax affairs with ease and compliance under the guidance of our tax lawyers, who are equipped to assist individuals and businesses in navigating intricate taxation laws and regulations.

Civil Lawyer:

Resolve legal disputes effectively with the assistance of our civil lawyers, who provide sound legal advice and representation to protect your interests in various aspects of life.

Property Lawyer

Safeguard your property rights during transactions or disputes with the diligent assistance of our property lawyers, who are dedicated to protecting your investments.

Child Custody Lawyer

Navigate the emotional and legal complexities of child custody cases with the support of our dedicated child custody lawyers, striving to find the best solutions for your children's welfare.

Business Lawyer

Receive comprehensive legal guidance to help your business thrive, from startups to established corporations, with the expertise of our business lawyers covering contracts, compliance, and more.

Criminal Lawyer

Facing criminal charges? Rely on our criminal lawyers to protect your rights and ensure a fair legal process.

Taxation Lawyer

Clarify and manage tax-related issues with the assistance of our taxation lawyers, addressing concerns for individuals and businesses with expertise and clarity.

Ready to Assist

Contact us today for expert guidance and seamless services embodying Qanoon Group's legacy. Your matrimonial satisfaction is our commitment, and we are here to ensure your legal journey is smooth and fulfilling.


Sindh High court Bar Association Elections

Karachi Bar Election Campaign 2023-24

Our Attorneys

Syed Mohsin Ali Shah

CEO & Senior Corporate Taxation Law Expert



Advocate High Court, RLA Karachi


Mrs. Aneela Khan

Family Lawyer & Consultant, RLA Islamabad



Advocate High Court, RLA , Bahawalpur & Lodhran

Mr. Zaheer Qazi

Advocate: Civil, Criminal & Family Lawyer, RLA Karachi

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